Important information about your photos on Facebook

We recently found and fixed an issue that may have affected some of the apps you've connected to Facebook. You previously gave these apps permission to access your photos on Facebook. Normally, Facebook shares photos that you have posted on your timeline to these apps, but a bug occurred between September 13 and 25, 2018, which gave developers access to other photos, such as those you may have posted to your Facebook Stories or initially uploaded but didn't post.
The issue we fixed is related to how apps use our API to access your timeline photos after you've given them permission to do so and isn't related to your post privacy settings. We're sorry this happened and we're instructing developers to delete the photos. Developers will then be able to obtain access to the set of photos which would normally have been shared.
We recommend logging into any apps where you've shared your Facebook photos to check which photos they have access to. Learn more about managing your apps on Facebook, including what you can do if you want to contact an app developer.
Our Data Policy provides more information about how your information is accessed, used and shared, and you can learn how to contact us with questions.
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