What's a one-time password on Facebook and how do I get one?

You can use a one-time password to log into your Facebook account any time you feel uncomfortable entering your real password (such as in a library or internet cafe). Here's how:
  1. If you're in the US, send a text message (SMS) to 32665 with the message otp. If you're not in the US, check this list to see which mobile carriers support this feature and what number you should use.
  2. If your mobile number is already linked to your Facebook account, we'll reply with a unique, 6-character temporary password. If you haven't added this mobile number to your account, we'll send you an email with instructions on how to add it and collect your code.
  3. Once you get your code, just enter it in the Password section of the Facebook login screen.
Your one-time password is temporary and can't be used more than once.
Note: One-time passwords are not available if you have two-factor authentication turned on.
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