Can people see what I watch on Facebook?

On Facebook Watch, you can discover videos, original shows and movies.
Your watch history:
Your watch history is never visible to others on Facebook. However, if you take a specific action related to a video or a Page (example: liking a video), that action may be visible to people on Facebook.
If you host a watch party with friends, a recap post with a video summary is shared afterwards with your selected audience. You can always control the audience for your posts at the time of posting or in your privacy settings.

Your activity:
When you watch videos, the following actions may be seen by others depending on your privacy settings:
  • Liking or following a Page: When you like or follow a Page, your friends may see your name when they come across that Page (example: "[Name] and 4 other friends like this").
  • Liking a video: When you like a video, your name may be visible when your friends come across that specific video (example: "[Name] also liked this").
  • Commenting on a Page or video: Any comments you make can be seen by anyone on Facebook.
  • Joining a watch party: Keep in mind that a watch party isn't public. If you're invited to a watch party, only the people in the watch party will know that you joined.
  • Hosting a watch party: Only the people you choose to share your watch party with will know about it. When your watch party ends, a recap post with a video summary is shared with your selected audience.
  • Sharing an episode or series: You can choose to share a video to your timeline or in a direct message to a person or group. When you do this, it will be visible to your selected audience.
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