How do I use navigation assistant on Facebook?

Navigation assistant is a tool for people who rely on screen readers or keyboard shortcuts to get around Facebook. If you use a screen reader, navigation assistant is always the first element on the page, even when it can't be seen visually.
To open navigation assistant, press alt + / from any part of Facebook. You can also press tab to move focus from your browser toolbar to the webpage.
Moving around in navigation assistant
Navigation assistant is a menubar that contains 3 menus: Sections of this page, Other pages on Facebook and Accessibility Help.
  • To move between the menus in the menubar, use the left and right arrow keys.
  • To open a menu, press enter or return.
  • To move within a menu, use the up and down arrow keys. You can also use letter keys to jump to the next menu item that starts with that letter.
Using Sections of this page
The Sections of this page menu lists the landmark regions that are on the current page. All pages on Facebook are divided into large sections called landmark regions. Most pages on Facebook include a main content region. For example, if you’re on your profile, the main content region includes your timeline. If a page on Facebook contains a main content region, it'll be listed as the first item under Sections of this page.
Some examples of other regions you may find under Sections of this page are Search Facebook, Navigate Facebook and Create a post.
To move your keyboard focus to one of the sections in the menu, press enter or return.
Using Other pages on Facebook
The Other pages on Facebook menu lists pages outside of your home page and News Feed. Some examples of pages you may find under this menu are Profile, Notifications and Settings.
To move your keyboard focus to one of the pages in the menu, press enter or return.
Using Accessibility Help
Accessibility Help lists accessibility resources on Facebook. These include information about keyboard shortcuts on Facebook, self-serve resources for accessibility features on Facebook, a form to submit feedback about accessibility on Facebook and updates from the Facebook Accessibility team.
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