Can people see when I send Stars on Facebook?

The Stars you send to a video creator are visible to others in the video’s comment thread. And if you take a specific action related to a video or a Page (example: liking a video), that action may be visible to people on Facebook. You can always delete the post after your Stars are sent by clicking or and Delete on the post.
Your activity
For streaming live videos, the following actions may be seen by others depending on your privacy settings:
  • Liking or following a Page: When you like or follow a Page, your friends may see your name when they come across that Page (example: "[Name] and 4 other friends like this").
  • Liking a video: When you like a video, your name may be visible when your friends come across that specific video (example: "[Name] also liked this").
  • Commenting and sending Stars on a video can be seen by anyone viewing the comment thread.
  • Sharing a video: You can choose to share a video to your timeline or in a direct message to a person or group. When you do this, it will be visible to your selected audience.
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