I'm having problems adding captions to my video on Facebook.

If you’re having problems trying to add captions to your video, the SubRip (.srt) caption file you're trying to upload may be formatted incorrectly.
A subtitle or closed caption file contains both the text of what is said in the video and time codes for when each line of text should be displayed. Each subtitle in an .srt file is provided in a block. Each block should include a number, a start and end time for the subtitle, and the subtitle text. Blocks should be separated by a single line, and there shouldn’t be any spaces or lines after the last block in the file.
When creating your SubRip (.srt) file, make sure that:
  • Each subtitle has a unique sequence number. Start with 1 and continue to the last subtitle in the file.
  • The times include every digit in the format hh:mm:ss,fff. Be sure to add leading zeros (example: 01:09:05,050) as necessary and include only two colons and one comma.
  • The text file is encoded UTF-8. If it’s not encoded in UTF-8, try opening the file in any text editor and saving it again under a new file name.
SubRip (.srt) file example:
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